Thanksgiving Food to Keep Out of the Sink

October 27, 2020


Every Thanksgiving season, millions of American households prepare feasts for friends and family alike. If you'd like to avoid unnecessary plumbing repairs, be sure to keep these food items away from sink drains.


Bones can quickly wreak havoc on plumbing systems of all kinds. First, pulverizing them will dull the blades of a garbage disposal unit, and on top of that, small bone fragments can lead to clogs in pipe bends.


Foods rich in starch tend to expand when exposed to water, which can cause significant clogs at bends in the pipes. Do yourself a favor and throw starch-rich foods in the compost heap. Some starchy foods to avoid include:

  • Potatoes
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • And more!

Corn Cobs

Corn cobs are great at creating pipe clogs, no matter how well they're shredded. Due to their fibrous nature, they're great at sticking to pipe joints. Once in place, they trap even more food residue. This is true of all fibrous foods!

Cooking Oil

Pouring oil down the drain is one of the worst food disposal mistakes one can make. Due to its inherent viscosity, oil tends to stick to pipes and result in blockages that are hard to clear.

Animal Fat

More often than not, semi-solid fat from turkey and ham will easily clear pipes and end up in the septic system. Nevertheless, fat can often accumulate in pipe bends and cause serious back-ups.


If a food substance looks like a wheel bearing lubricant, do not attempt to flush it down the drain. It will clog pipes more quickly and effectively than oil or grease ever could.

Fixing Clogged Drains in the Clutch

When major plumbing problems arise around the holidays, Mitch Wright Plumbing, Heating & Air is the team to call. We'll help clear the clogs in your home in no time!



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