Why Now is the Time for a Furnace Check-up

September 2, 2020


The winters here may not necessarily be freezing, but it's important to be prepared with a functioning furnace. Proper maintenance is a big part of that process. In this blog, we wanted to detail some reasons why you should have your once-a-year tune-up done before the winter hits.

Pinpointing Hazards Ahead of Time

Furnace-related issues, such as clogged filters and the presence of rust and rot, compromise your heating if they go undetected. Thermostat-related problems could arise, too, which would prevent heating altogether. The battery may die, the wiring may become frayed, or the contact between the thermostat and the battery may corrode. But a tune-up catches these and other problems.

Even when your furnace is out of use there is the possibility of a gas leak and carbon monoxide leaks, which are particularly dangerous because they put off no odor. We’ll make sure your gas lines are in proper shape to handle the heavy-duty heating you’ll need for winter.

Plenty of Time to Replace, If Necessary

The sooner you request maintenance, the more time you'll have to schedule any necessary repairs. Besides that, you'll be able to make better decisions if the technician recommends a complete furnace replacement. You’ll need to take various factors into account, including the furnace's age and level of wear and tear. If the cost of repair multiplied by the unit’s age in years is higher than the cost of a new furnace, it’s best to replace it.

Energy Savings from the Start

It would be bad to discover that your furnace short-cycles or leaves some rooms cold only after running it for a while. The reason is that all through that time, you would have been putting more wear on your system and raising your energy bill. With early maintenance, though, you achieve short- and long-term savings from the very beginning.

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