Southaven Water Heater Repair

You don’t have to run out of hot water!

At Mitch Wright Plumbing, Heating & Air, our certified Southaven water heater installation and repair professionals understand your water heater problems and can provide the solutions you need. If you have no hot water, a leaky water heater, or need a water heater inspection, our skilled plumbers have the right solution for you. We have been providing certified tankless water heater services in the Mid-South for more than 20 years.

15 year ribbon parts and labor warranty on new tankless water heaters10 year ribbon parts and labor warranty on new standard water heaters

If you need a water heater repair or replacement, our water heater professionals will take a look at the water heater issue, ask you some lifestyle questions, and provide you with a list of options. We can help you choose an option that fits your and your family's needs and budget.

Mitch Wright Plumbing, Heating & Air offers the following water heater services:

  • Tankless water heater repairs
  • Gas and electric water heater repairs
  • Tankless water heater replacement
  • Tank water heater repairs
  • Tank water heater replacement
  • Instant hot water heaters
  • Point of use water heaters

Stay informed about all your water heater options by calling (662) 269-0851 today.

How to Tell If Your Water Heater Needs Repair

When was the last time you checked on the status of your water heater? Sure, it may be rather simple to breeze over the fact that this essential machine is providing copious amounts of hot water in your home, but sometimes your day-to-day gets overwhelming and then you completely forget about it. However, if you noticed a difference in its performance, then here are some signs that it needs a repair.

Call for water heater repair if you've noticed any of the following:

  • Base leakage. 
    When passing your water heater, did you notice a puddle by the base of the unit? If you did, then that means there’s a leak present — something you should definitely have looked at right away. Typically with a storage tank unit, it’s possible for it to rust and give out over time, which will cause the initial leak. Of course, if you hit one of the drain valves with your leg at any point, then that will release some water onto the ground. Just remember this: when in doubt, have your water heater checked out.
  • No hot water. 
    Another common sign is that your unit will produce water that’s anything but hot. When a water heater hasn’t been flushed in a very long time, sediment builds up at the bottom of the tank and hinders the overall performance of the unit. If that’s not the case, then it is possible that your water might need to be replaced altogether — the sooner you do that, the quicker you’ll have hot water in your home.
  • Strange noises.
    Do you constantly hear a “clink” or “pop” in your home throughout the day? Well, those happen to be sounds of a water heater that’s in need of a serious repair. Typically when you have a healthy unit, it will be quiet. Of course, the minute you hear these sounds, you’ll want to have your water heater repaired by our team right away.

Water Heater Installation Experts in Southaven

Mitch Wright Plumbing, Heating & Air prides ourselves on our Award Winning Customer Service and competitive pricing and we will leave your home as clean as we found it!

If you have a water heater question or problem, Mitch Wright Plumbing, Heating & Air is just a call away! Call us today at (662) 269-0851.

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