Why an Insulated Attic is Important

January 31, 2018


When thinking about your home, what is the first space that comes to mind?
For most, it might be the living room — but what about the attic?
Sure, it might just act as a storage space, but it does foster more potential
than you think. What if we told you that if your attic is properly insulated
that it could lower your home energy costs? Let us explain:

Lower Home Energy Costs

Just like the entryway to your home, you should pay close attention to
the details of your attic since it could lower energy costs completely.
Since your attic is at the very top of your home, it can make or break
your heating/cooling situation completely — because this space withstands
the toughest of elements first before any other part of your home. If
your attic is properly insulated, it will be able to maintain a comfortable
level of heat in the wintertime and can keep your home cool as a glacier
in the summertime. When your attic is not insulated, it can cause inconsistency
in your temperature — which will prompt you to either raise your
heat or AC unit, when it’s not needed.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

When your attic is properly insulated, not only will you be lowering your
home energy costs, but you’ll also be reducing your overall carbon
footprint. As mentioned before, if your attic is poorly insulated, then
you’ll be using an unnecessary amount of energy to heat/cool your
entire home Now, when your attic is properly insulated, it will cause
you to use less energy and will ultimately reduce your carbon footprint
— which is an added bonus to saving money on your bills each month!
A properly insulated attic will keep your home at a stable temperature
and will preserve your overall unit — but how is that possible?

Preserve Your Heating/Cooling System

Just like the tires on your car, your heating/cooling system does get old
and can start to break down. If you’re looking for the best way
to expand the lifespan of your system, then having a properly insulated
attic will do such! Think of the number of times you use your smartphone:
each time you overcharge the battery, it’s lifespan will slowly
decrease — and the same will happen with your heating/cooling system
in a similar light (minus the battery). When your home maintains a comfortable,
stable temperature, you’ll be less likely to use your heating unit
— which will preserve its lifespan over time.

A well-insulated attic can save you money and help keep your home comfortable
all year long. Since 1983, Mitch Wright Plumbing, Heating & Air has
been providing top-quality home services, including comprehensive
HVAC services
to homeowners throughout Memphis, Shelby, Tipton, Desoto, Tate, Marshall,
and Tunica Counties. We are always available to assist you with your attic
insulation needs!



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