Benefits of a Video Camera Drain Inspection

Fact: having plumbing issues is one of the worst nightmares of any homeowner. In the past, these kinds of issues were not only challenging to fix, but were also difficult to diagnose. Thankfully, with modern technology, our specialists can pass a high definition waterproof camera through your pipes to get a clear picture of exactly what the issue is. Still not sure why you should schedule your appointment? Here are a few of the many benefits:

Accurate And Quick Diagnosis

Without a video inspection, it can be somewhat difficult to know precisely where the problem is in your pipes. For decades, many other plumbers used to take their best guess and would wait to see how effective their solution to the problem was.

Indeed, this meant more time on the job, while causing potentially more problems. Thankfully, this type of approach is now a thing of the past. In fact, a video inspection will confirm the problem and will even show the repair's effectiveness for your peace of mind.


One of the best advantages of a drain video inspection is the fact that it's completely non-invasive. Many homeowners have typically dreaded calling in the plumber for issues with their pipes, fearing that the kitchen or bathroom might be destroyed just to obtain an accurate diagnosis. With a drain video inspection, this won’t even be a possibility.

Save Money

Drain video inspections are capable of saving you a great deal of money as well. This technology takes all the guesswork out of diagnosing plumbing issues, meaning effective repairs can be made more quickly. Another factor is that during this type of inspection, our specialists can catch many small leaks that can be costing you money without you even realizing.

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