What to Avoid When Decorating your Home for the Holidays

November 30, 2018


As you are starting to think about the upcoming holiday season, you are probably already thinking about when you will get your tree, in addition to digging out all of those decorations that will turn your home into your own personal winter wonderland. Here are a few things to consider when deciding where to decorate — so that you aren't causing any unruly demands on your home's mechanical systems.

Don't block your vents.

Make sure any decorations that you are using are not obstructing the airflow for any of your heating vents. A steady, constant circulation of air is necessary for your furnace to operate optimally. Moreover, vents blowing warm air directly on decorations may damage them.

Keep decorations away from heaters and radiators.

Space heaters and radiators can give off enough heat to catch some decorations on fire. Be very careful that any decorations, or tablecloths, aren't located too close to these heat sources.

Monitor your thermostat.

Think about this: if you decorated your home, chances are that guests will follow. The more bodies you have in your house, the less your furnace will have to work. As the body heat of your guests makes the temperature rise in your home, you may need to lower your thermostat's settings to maintain the comfort level that you desire and to make sure your furnace isn't working harder than it needs to.

Be careful with your drains.

As much as you love your holiday decorations, you might want to limit using them around sinks, especially in bathrooms. You will, more than likely, have guests in your home during the holidays, and some of them may be children. Children like to play with decorations and could accidentally drop them down a drain, or flush them down the toilet, causing plumbing issues.

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