How to Improve Your Winter IAQ

December 16, 2020


When the weather begins to turn cold, people begin to spend more time indoors. Unfortunately, studies have found that indoor air can contain up to five times more pollution than outdoor air. Here’s how you can help improve your winter IAQ.

Routinely Replace Air Filters

An HVAC system is your home’s first line of defense against dust and other contaminants. This is why it’s recommended to replace its filter monthly. Once an HVAC filter becomes dirty, it can no longer effectively clean the air.

Add a Humidifier

During the winter, you’ll likely be relying on your home’s heating system to stay warm. However, the extra heat tends to dry out the air. Not only does dry air contribute to respiratory problems, but it also causes you to feel colder. By putting moisture back into the air, a humidifier can help correct this problem. You can check your home’s humidity levels using an inexpensive hygrometer, which can be easily hung from a wall.

Open Your Windows

Even on the coldest of days, it’s a good idea to open your windows for at least a few minutes. This simple step will help cycle in the fresh air. When your home stays tightly shut throughout the winter, indoor pollution is more likely to be a problem.

Decorate With Houseplants

Certain houseplants do a great job of helping to clean and purify the air. Some of the best options include English ivy, Boston fern, peace lily, and rubber plants.

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