Landscape Lighting Ideas for the Summer

May 4, 2017


Though yard lighting isn’t anything new, the way we use it definitely is. No longer are lighting fixtures used just out of safety and practicality. Nowadays, the right lighting can completely alter the look and feel of your space. If you’re looking to transform your front or backyard this spring, here are a few landscape lighting tips you should follow.

Highlight Any Water Features

If you have a pool, spa, or waterfall in your background, make sure it’s well lit. The water will reflect that light throughout your yard (saving you on lighting costs) and will project its calming waves onto your patio.

Feature Your Garden

If your house is surrounded by colorful shrubs and plants, make sure they’re still visible at night. Bring your flowers to life by placing small, weatherproof bulbs on the ground of your gard

Illuminate Your Door

Your front door should always be the focal point of your front yard. But instead of shining an overhead light directly down on the door, try using backlight to create depth.

Sometimes Less is More

Lighting should make your home feel warm and inviting, not like opening night at a baseball game. Especially in the summer, when the days longer, you don’t need to bombard your walkway with lots of light. A few well-strung lights will provide just enough light to see, without being overwhelming.

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