Having the Right Toilet Plunger Makes a Difference — and Here’s Why!

July 11, 2018


Believe it or not, it’s possible to be using the wrong toilet plunger in your home. Of course, some might think that a plunger is a plunger — but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re using a flat-shaped plunger in your bathroom, then you could be doing more harm than good — and here’s why:

Flat Plungers Keep the Clog

Let’s cut to the chase: when you use a flat-shaped toilet plunger in your home, it won’t unclog your bowl completely. Believe it or not, this specific type of unclogging device is intended explicitly for sinks. That’s right: just like your toilet, your sink can get clogged from time-to-time, and that’s where this plunger comes in handy.

Of course, it’s possible that after a few tiresome tries, this plunger will unclog your “throne” — but it won’t be as effective as using a proper bell-shaped toilet plunger. Additionally, a flat plunger won’t be able to give the “push” that you need when you’re trying to clear the pipe.

Flat Plungers are Not Effective

It’s true: a flat-shaped plunger won’t be as useful as a bell-shaped plunger. When you use a sink plunger in your toilet, you’ll instantly notice that it doesn’t create the proper suction to get the job done. Now, when you use a bell-shaped plunger, this device has a hollow opening at the top, which will give enough suction to blast the clog through, creating a clogless toilet!

However, when you use the flat, sink plunger on an actual sink clog, you’ll see the apparent difference in power (and purpose). This will not only clear your drain of any potential clogs, but it will do the job in the most powerful of ways!

Flat Plungers Take More Time

When you use a bell-shaped plunger, it will make the ~dreadful~ process of unclogging your toilet a little less stressful. Since this toilet plunger will create the perfect vacuum seal above the trap, as mentioned before, the process shouldn’t take longer than 2 minutes to complete. Of course, if you do use a sink plunger for the job — but then the task would take much longer to complete and would undoubtedly cause unnecessary frustration in the end.

To relieve your toilet of any clogs, and reduce any stress on your end, then it would be best to visit your local home improvement store and purchase a bell-shaped toilet plunger. Not only will this be the best investment, but it will save your plumbing in the long run!

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