You Should Make Upgrades Around your Bathroom When...

April 2, 2019


Did you ever hear the expression: “When in doubt, throw it out?” Regardless of the context, this quote can be applied to just about anything — including your bathroom. Sure, you might think that your lavatory is perfectly fine (as long as the water still runs, right?), but there are probably some details that you’re overlooking in the process that need some TLC soon.


When was the last time you really examined your sink faucet? Of course, it might not be until the day a handle comes loose or there’s a lingering drip that just won’t go away, but if your fixture has seen better days, then it’s time to make the switch.

Over time, sink faucets can have bouts of sediment buildup within — and that buildup can really only be removed if there’s an extensive cleaning or they’re upgraded altogether. Whether you’re looking to get a similar model or want to upgrade your sink completely, we can certainly help get the job done.


Another fixture that gets overlooked quite frequently is actually the most important of them all: your toilet. Typically, toilets are known to have a rather long lifespan compared to most objects in your home. In fact, although “thrones” are thought to withstand the test of time, there is a chance that your toilet may need to be replaced a little sooner.

Some of the most common signs of a toilet needing to be replaced are:

  • Frequent repairs

  • Any visible wear and tear

  • Constant leaking at the base

Luckily, if you need to replace your toilet, there are many eco-friendly options to choose from! These will not only help you save water (by letting you select the power of a flush), but they will also help save money on your water bill, too!

Looking to Make Some Bathroom Upgrades?

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