Is It Okay to Put Chicken Bones in my Garbage Disposal?

August 5, 2019


What can't go down your garbage disposalAmong the most frequently asked questions we receive as plumbers is what can and cannot do down your garbage disposal. Although garbage disposals can tackle a wide variety of food scraps, they were not built to break down dense items like chicken bones. While you shouldn't panic if a small piece makes its way into your disposal, it's best to avoid them so you don't risk damaging your appliance. 

Here's why you should avoid putting chicken bones down your garbage disposal:

  • They can dull the blades. Just like cutting with a dull knife, chicken bones can make the blades in your disposal become dull. This, of course, will make it much more difficult for you to be able to toss anything down this device. With the assistance of a professional, you can have the blades sharpened or replaced — but that will be another expense that you could save a few bucks on.

  • They can snap the blades. Another outcome of tossing the bones down the garbage disposal is that they can snap the blades. Believe it or not, since the bones are on the denser side, it’s almost as if you threw a rock from the garden into the drain and hoped for the best. However, when you toss certain vegetables or fruits down the disposal, it will be rather simple to have them shredded and broken up with no damage to the blades.

What Else Should You Avoid Putting Down Your Garbage Disposal?

Bones are entirely out of the question, but they aren't the only things that you should avoid putting down your disposal. Before you toss anything into the garbage disposal, it’s essential to do some research to see what’s a safe toss and what should avoid touching the device at all costs. The best bet? When in doubt, throw it out in a nearby garbage can.

Here's a list of other items to avoid:

  • Coffee grounds / tea leaves

  • Egg shells

  • Fats, oils, and grease

  • Fibrous vegetables (i.e. celery)

  • Tough vegetable peels (i.e. potato or carrot peels)

  • Hard fruit pits

  • Large quantities of pasta or rice 

Do You Want a Garbage Disposal Installed or Does Your Device Need Maintenance?

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