Essential Items to Keep Under Your Kitchen Sink

February 18, 2019


When it comes to storage in your home, nothing should be off limits. Whether it’s a coat closet or the space underneath your bed, anything is fair game when it comes to placing your belongings. However, one of the best spots to store essential household items is under your sink — but it depends on what you put there. Before you start throwing odds and ends below the kitchen sink, here’s what you should consider:

Cleaning Supplies

There’s nothing worse than spilling something on the floor and not being able to locate a household cleaner. If you’re usually running around trying to find a spray bottle, then it would be best to designate a corner under your sink for this household staple. This will not only keep everything in one place, but it will also keep you from digging around your house in a time of panic.

Sink Plunger

Another great item to have on deck is a sink plunger. Commonly mistaken for a toilet plunger, this flat-based rubber plunger will make any clog a breeze to alleviate. Of course, if your kitchen sink happens to be on the shorter end, in terms of height or width, then it would be best to either lay the plunger flat or opt to find one with a shorter handle.


One of the staples of any sink happens to be soap. Whether it’s hand soap or dish soap, you’ll want to have both of these essentials readily available since you know the struggle well: running out of this hygienic staple happens pretty frequently in any household.

Garbage Bags

When was the last time you went to replace your garbage bag and came up short? To eliminate playing another round of “hide and seek” within your home, it’s best to keep a box of garbage bags underneath (they’re also water resistant). This will make them extremely accessible and within an arm’s reach to make the task much easier for you, and your family members, in the long run.

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