The Benefits of a Touchless Faucet

February 13, 2019


Kitchen and bathroom hygiene are important, but how often does the thought cross your mind? Most of us think that once we wash our hands, we're in the clear — but is that really true? Faucets and toilet handles are breeding grounds for bacteria that can cause a variety of illnesses like influenza and strep throat.

Small upgrades can go a long way for your health and convenience, and touchless plumbing is one hygiene solution that's easy and affordable.

Why go Touchless?

A motion-sensor sink picks up body heat and allows people to wash their hands without ever having to touch the faucet. Rather than picking up what someone else left behind, a touchless faucet creates a seamless transition through a kitchen, or restroom, that creates less mess, improves cleanliness and saves water and money.

Touchless Plumbing in the Home

Upgrading your kitchen and bathroom faucets to touchless technology will make cleanup faster and more efficient. Additionally, these will cut down the risk of illness and save money on your utility bill by adopting energy-conserving touchless technology.

While they aren't expensive, touchless faucets can certainly increase a home's value. If you are in the market for small upgrades that pay you back later, a touchless faucet is a great choice to consider.

Ready to go Touchless?

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