Want to Improve the Heat in your Home? Move the Furniture!

January 18, 2019


Ah, the winter! Since it’s the coldest season around, this will be the best time to put your heating system into high gear. However, sometimes when you turn the thermostat to the highest temperature, the heat could feel powerless. Solution? Move your furniture!

The Problem

When you have a fully-furnished room in your home, chances are that the furnishings are up against every wall, blocking your vents. If you happen to have a radiator that resides behind a table or couch, then that is what is causing your heat flow to be restricted in your home. Certainly, you wouldn’t want to have an empty, barren room — but when furnishing a room, you should be mindful of the layout.

In fact, if you happen to have a fabric couch or chair in front of a heating source, it could catch fire if the heater becomes too hot. Although it may seem like an impossible feat, there are some ways to avoid the hazard and increase heat flow altogether — but what will that entail? Moving the furniture.

The Solution

In order to receive maximum heat flow in your home, you’ll want to rearrange the furniture in each room. One of the best rooms to start the process is your living room. Known to be the spot with the most amount of traffic, you’ll want to do the following:

  • Examine the overall layout.

  • Scout out where each vent is.

  • Move any furniture away.

  • Repeat the process until the heating vents are exposed.

Of course, if you happen to have any furnishings that won’t fit in your room’s new layout, then you can either place them in another part of your home or move them into storage. Within a matter of seconds, you’ll instantly feel the difference! Also, low-hanging curtains can be a problem, too — especially if they’re blocking a heating vent. To correct this, opt for hemmed or shorter curtains, letting that heat work to its full potential!

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