Why You Should Leave Your Shoes at the Front Door

January 18, 2019


When you come home from work, where do you typically place your shoes? For most, they’ll leave them at the foot of their bed — but what about keeping them by the front door? If you happen to ignore the latter, then you might want to reconsider your routine.

Helps Germs Migrate

Think about where you walk on a daily basis. From a public restroom to the parking lot, there are many different locations that host a series of bacteria and germs — which latch onto the bottom of your shoes as you walk.

Invisible to the eye, these pesky particles stay close to you at all times and then make the commute home with you, too. Once you start to walk through your front door, you’ll be tracking those invisible-to-the-human-eye germs around your home — which isn’t something any homeowner wants to hear.

Diminished Indoor Air Quality

Believe it or not, sometimes “invisible” germs have the power to go airborne when you least expect it. From pollen to wild animal dander, these particles can drift around your home at all times of the day. This will not only diminish your indoor air quality, but it also has the possibility to drift into your air vents and bring the quality down even more.

How to Prevent This

You guessed it: keep your footwear at the front door. If you happen to have a home with a mudroom, that will be another great spot to leave your shoes behind. By doing this, you’ll be keeping germs and bacteria at bay, while helping keep your indoor air quality in the best shape possible. However, if you feel as if your air has seen better days, then it would be wise to look into one of our indoor air quality cleaning products/services!

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