3 Facts Your Thermostat Doesn’t Tell You

October 11, 2017


The most important focal point of any home is the thermostat. Known as the device that controls the temperature and indoor air quality, it’s an absolute necessity and will make your space as comfortable as possible. Although the overall usage of a thermostat is pretty self-explanatory, there are also some key functions that not many homeowners are familiar with — and we’re here to help divulge those facts here:

Fact #1: Location is Everything

Despite what you may think, the location of your thermostat will affect your unit’s overall performance. If your device is placed next to an inconsistent temperature zone such as a window, doorway or in direct sunlight, then the temperature within your home will be completely inconsistent — and not at the levels you desire. If your device is placed in a hallway or a wall that is far from any exposure to external temperature change, then that will be the best option for installation and will bring your home to the most comfortable temperature.

Fact #2: Your Thermostat Isn’t Always Broken

On a daily basis, an alarming rate of homeowners believe that their thermostat is broken — or that their heating/cooling unit is non-functioning. Regardless of what you may think, your unit is fine and your thermostat is even better. It’s always important to keep in mind that when you set your unit to a certain temperature, it may not become as warm/cold as you want it to be right away. Sometimes your unit won’t reach that desired temperature because your thermostat feels a different room temperature than you do. Give your thermostat some time and let it work its magic!

Fact #3: You May Need More Than One

Another key fact that many homeowners don’t know is that you may need more than one thermostat installed in your space. Have a room upstairs that doesn’t quite heat/cool like the rest of your home? That’s when an additional thermostat will come in handy. In addition to being able to maximally control your home’s temperature, you’ll also be saving money, too — since you won’t be unnecessarily heating/cooling other rooms in your home. In short: it’s a win-win situation for any homeowner (and their wallet).

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