Why Does My Cat Like to Hangout in My Bathroom?

November 26, 2019


If you’re the owner of a cat, there’s one lingering question that you may have yet to uncover: Why does your fur baby like to hangout in your bathroom? Granted, while they may not actually use your toilet, some cats spend an awful amount of time in the lavatory — why is that, though? Well, there are quite a few reasons; here are some of the most popular!

Why Do Cats Sit in Bathrooms?

Closed Doors Spark Curiosity

When you use the restroom in your home, you typically close the door after you step inside. And while this is the norm for us human beings, this might spark curiosity for your cat — they’ll wonder what’s behind the door. And the minute they have the opportunity to sneak inside when it’s open, they’ll jump on it!

Essentials Keep Them Entertained

As you know, cats love toys that dangle and jingle. Knowing this, a bathroom has many features that mimic their favorite playthings. From dangling toilet paper to hand towels, your cat will have a field day when they set their sights upon the details within your lavatory!

A Sink Acts Like Furniture

Cats are extremely flexible creatures. That being said, they’re always looking for the perfect place to take a nap that can keep them comfortable at all times. And when it comes down to it, your bathroom sink is the perfect spot for them to do so! Think about it: Since the basin of a bathroom sink is rounded, it can make for a convenient cat bed — or at least in their opinion!

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