The Perks of Having Plants Inside Your Home

Believe it or not, there are a series of benefits when you bring plants inside your home. For starters, it might liven up the appearance of a room — but did you ever consider a plant’s potential to purify the air in your living space?

Before you run to a home improvement store and purchase the first shrub you see in reach, here are some plants that are believed to help improve indoor air!

Which Plants Help Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Rubber Plant

Crafted with big, beautiful, waxy leaves, the rubber plant is truly a staple piece in many homes across the country! Furthermore, this leafy wonder is usually on the larger side of the plant spectrum and will fit best in any corner of the room!

Snake Plant

Thankfully, this plant doesn’t attract snakes — but it does somewhat resemble them! In fact, the best way to describe the appearance of this plant is as if you took seaweed out of the ocean, and the strands continued to stand upright! Additionally, this plant bears leaves that look like the skin of a snake; this will be a great, purifying focal point in your home!


Are you looking to give a room a more tropical appearance? If so, you’ll instantly love the Philodendron! This big, green plant has leaves that will remind you of a much warmer climate — no matter what time of the year it may be! And just like the rubber plant, this leafy beauty will be the perfect addition to any large room!

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