How to Cut Cooling Costs While Spending Time at Home

May 20, 2020

If you're spending more time at home in isolation, there are ways to save on cooling costs without too much trouble. These are a few suggestions.

Try Alternate Methods for Milder Days

When the outdoor temperature is below 85 degrees Fahrenheit, you can try using ceiling fans, box fans, and a dehumidifier. You might also consider making a habit of doing this at night, if possible. Also, ensure that your ceiling fans move in a counterclockwise direction. There's usually a reverse switch on the top or side of the housing. If you have a newer one, it may be on a wall control.

Set the Temperature Higher

The Department of Energy recommends setting the thermostat at 78 degrees when you're home to save on energy use. Also, caulk or seal any leaks around window or door frames.

Optimize Window Coverings

If you have Venetian blinds, turn the slats to an upward position during the day. This helps block out sunlight better. At night, you can turn them back down for optimized privacy. If you can afford some blackout shades or curtains, consider installing them to help save more money.

Develop a Household Plan

Write down every change that you're making, and create a list of guidelines for your kids to follow. Ask for their cooperation. Explain how energy-saving works. If you think an incentive may help, you can make a contest with a prize at the end of the summer for the winner.

Also, make sure that your air conditioning unit is functioning well, and your vents are clean. If you haven't had your unit inspected and serviced yet this year to ensure that it's running efficiently, now is the time to call a professional.

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