Make Your Sink Sparkle Like Snow With This Hack!

December 14, 2017


What’s one of the hardest objects in your home to clean? Your sink, that is! When it comes to sinks, they can sometimes grow quite dingey — and lose their sparkle in the process. If you feel as if you’ve reached wit’s end and can’t imagine how you’ll get your sink to glow once more, then we have an easy, simple solution for you here:


Instead of replacing your fully-functioning sink, you can give it the cleaning it deserves with these three main materials:

  • 1 sturdy, thick kitchen sponge

  • 1 small bottle of hydrogen peroxide

  • 1 box of baking soda

These materials are highly important to have since they will bring the shine back to your sink — but before you start pouring/dumping these materials, it’s pertinent to follow these steps for the most successful cleaning!

Step 1: Dust in Baking Soda

Before you get to the actual cleaning, it’s important to lightly coat the inside of your sink with baking soda, since this will act as a main agent in the sparkling process. When applying this essential ingredient, remember to keep the layer as thin as possible, or else the sparkling action won’t happen as effectively.

Step 2: Wipe Away

Once the thin, snowy layer of baking soda is evenly distributed, it’s now time to wipe away your sink into a sparkly oblivion! To start this process, take the sturdy kitchen sponge and pour a generous amount of hydrogen peroxide onto the scrubbing side. After this step is complete, it’s then time to take the damp sponge and wipe away the baking soda. When doing this step, it’s important to know that if there are some remnants of the dust left over, that they can simply be washed away with some water — which is the final step in the sparkling process.

Step 3: The Grand Finale

After you completely wipe your sink clear of the baking soda, it’s then time to take some water and rinse away the DIY cleaning agent — which will then lead to the deepest cleaning of the sink altogether. When completing this step, make sure to keep the water at a luke-warm temperature to simplify the process and give you the cleanest sink you’ve always longed for!

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