Toilet Plunger 101: Which one is Right for the Job

December 13, 2017


When the echoes of demonic gurgling flood your eardrums and toilet, you know it’s not going to be a pleasant experience. While you may feel equipped to forcefully attack the clog at hand, you should be using the correct plunger to cease the pipe obstruction once and for all. Although you may have used a standardly shaped plunger for every type of clog, there are a variety of plungers that make some clogs easier to handle than others. Let us explain:

Plunger #1: Rubber Bell

Since the beginning of time, the most common of clogs is the clogging of a toilet. Despite how careful you may be with this porcelain throne, it’s very simple to make a clog happen. However, if you’re equipped with a toilet plunger, then clogs will be less strenuous to relieve. Just like the standard plunger, the marvelous toilet plunger is very basic in design but has a bell-shaped head, rather than a circle. This bell-shape will help foster a greater suction within the toilet, and will help alleviate that clog in no time!

Plunger #2: Rubber Circle

Despite what you may think, it’s very common to clog a sink. The most common of sink clogs happen within the kitchen, usually when a garbage disposal isn’t installed to break down matter. The plunger used for this task is a sink plunger, which looks exactly as you’d picture it: a flat-circular head, with a wooden handle. The flatness of the rubber head is perfect for creating a suction on a flat surface and will eliminate that clog fast and efficiently.

Plunger #3: Plastic Accordion

In addition to the rubber bell-shaped plunger for the toilet bowl, a plastic accordion shaped plunger will also unclog a toilet. This new-wave design prides itself of having a smaller cup and creates a stronger suction with the accordion-shaped ridges on either side of the plunger’s mouth. This is another way to tame gargling and defeat the clog instantly!

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