Warning: You're Breaking Your Furnace — and Here's How

December 6, 2017


It happens every winter – you wake up on the coldest day of the year to find your heat never came on. Unfortunately, this happens to people all too often because they don’t realize how important regular furnace maintenance is. If the cold weather has you worried about your heating system, here are a few common mistakes you’re making that will eventually break your furnace:

  • Skipping scheduled maintenance because “everything is fine.”

Just like you go to your physician for annual checkups, you want to do the same with your furnace. If you wait until there’s a noticeable problem, odds are it’s going to take longer and be more expensive to fix. Make a mental note to have your furnace checked at the beginning of every winter to ensure it’s running at peak performance.

  • Not changing the filter.

We know, “out of sight out of mind,” but remembering to clean your filters can really improve your furnace’s quality. When filters build up with dust and debris, it makes it harder for air to pass through and can lead to overheating.

  • Never checking your thermostat batteries.

Before you drive yourself crazy thinking your thermostat is broken, first check that the batteries are fresh.

  • Using the furnace as a dryer.

If you have a large furnace room, it’s a great idea to leave clothes and towels in there to dry, especially in the winter when the outdoors aren’t an option. But make sure you are leaving your furnace enough space to do its real job. Keep your furnace from overheating by leaving at least 3 feet of space around it.

  • Forgetting about the carbon monoxide detectors.

Check the last time you updated your detectors. If it was more than 7 years ago, many states by law require you to get a new one. Carbon monoxide detectors should be placed near the furnace and outside of any bedrooms in the house.

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