Clean Your Ceiling Fan in Seconds With These Hacks!

February 1, 2018


Ah, the ceiling fan! Known as a simple solution to cool air in your home, it’s one of the greatest inventions around (besides electricity)! Although this wonderful device can circulate the air within mere minutes, the blades on the fan can get quite dusty, too. If you’re looking for a simple solution on how to clean your ceiling fan within seconds, then here are some simple hacks!

Use a Microfiber Broom

One of the simplest ways to clean the blades on your ceiling fan at any height is to use a microfiber broom. Coming in a variety of different lengths, these extendable brooms can really get the job done — even without a cleaning solution, too. To start, take the rectangular cleaning surface on the microfiber broom and make it completely flat. Next, extend the broom to the proper height, since you’ll want to gently clean the blades without any tension; they could break or loosen if there’s too much force. After that, it’s time to clean the blades! Start by placing the microfiber broom’s rectangular surface at the base of the fan blade and swipe outwards. This will not only clean the blade efficiently, but it will bring all the debris to one place. Once this step is completed on all blades, it’s then important to take a vacuum to clean any remaining dust and debris that have fallen from the blade.

Use a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Notice a microfiber trend? When it comes to cleaning anything in your home (from windows to your ceiling fan), a microfiber cloth will be the best solution since it will be gentle enough not to destroy the object — but will be strong enough to thoroughly clean it. Taking a microfiber cleaning cloth and a stepping stool/ladder, you’ll want to stand at an even level as the ceiling fan to ensure a deep clean. Next, take a simple window cleaner and spray a very sparing amount on the cloth. Once that’s complete, it’s time to take the cloth and swipe the blades, starting at the base. After that step is complete, just like before, clean up any excess debris that’s on the floor and surrounding areas to maintain good indoor air quality!

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