Simple Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom on a Budget

February 28, 2018


Oh, no — your bathroom is starting to look like a photo from a 1998 catalog! If you feel that your commode is looking quite outdated, then it may be time to give the most important room in your home a facelift. Although remodeling your actual bathroom may be the best solution, it does become quite expensive and takes some time. If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom on a budget, then here are some budget-friendly decorating tips to get the job done:

Buy a New Shower Curtain

One of the simplest ways to give your bathroom a facelift is to update the shower curtain. From bright hues of your favorite color to incredible patterns, the possibilities for a new curtain are completely endless. If you’re looking for the something outside the box of a typical shower curtain then going online might be the best bet! You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many options you have — and how changing a shower curtain can completely transform any space!

Use a New Area Rug

Not a fan of the tile in your bathroom? That’s where a new area rug comes into play When choosing a new rug for your commode, you’ll want to find a rug that has rubber grips on the bottom — because the rug could slip and slide once you step out of the shower. In terms of material for the furnishing, that’s completely up to you! From fuzzy rugs to flat rugs, the possibilities are endless. However, when you choose the material for your rug, keep in mind that you should be able to wash it in a washing machine since it could build up bacteria over time.

Frost up Your Windows

Need a way to add privacy to your lavatory — but don’t want to replace your windows or add curtains? Try adding contact paper to your windows! Coming in an array of different patterns and frosts, this is the perfect way to add some character to your bathroom — and give you so much needed privacy, too! If you’re really looking to jazz up your windows, you can also paint the window frame a different color to become a focal point in your bathroom. No matter what you choose, we know it will look incredible!

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