What are the Most Common Plumbing Myths?

February 27, 2018


When it comes to the world of myths and folklore, plumbing ranks number one. From tales of plumbing nightmares to natural home remedies that do more harm than good, there are a variety of myths that are being spread about plumbing that are never debunked! If you’re looking for someone to unclog the truth (see what we did there?), then here are some of the most common of plumbing myths debunked:

Myth 1: Plungers Solve Everything!

Unfortunately, this is a false statement. When it comes to a clog in your pipes, whether it be a toilet or sink, a plunger is usually the object that will save the day — and prevent a flood from happening in your home. Although this sounds like the most logical solution, it’s possible that a plunger could more bad than good in certain situations. If you’re trying to unclog a sink or toilet with a plunger and notice that water is still building up, then it’s possible that more debris is stuck in the drain. Don’t sweat it, though — just call our offices and we’ll be able to solve the problem for you!

Myth 2: The Garbage Disposal is Indestructible!

Believe it or not, your garbage disposal isn’t as powerful as you think. Yes, this little device is an essential feature in many homes across the world — but it can’t grind up every material that’s thrown in its path. Before you break your garbage disposal, it’s important to think about what you place in the shoot. As a reminder, the best items to place in your garbage disposal are soft and chopped foods, in addition to the essentials. Things you cannot throw down your garbage disposal are non-edible items, solid items, and bones, to name a few. If you think that the item will cause harm to your sink, then it’s best to throw it out in a garbage can or recycle it.

Myth 3: A Toilet Deodorizer Will Keep My Throne Clean!

This myth is completely false on all levels. When it comes to the sanitation of your toilet, it’s important to clean it at least every one-to-two weeks. Not only is it important to clean your toilet for sanitary reasons, but a clean throne will also eliminate any potential buildup problems that you may encounter down the road. Always remember that a standard toilet tablet deodorizer will keep your tank smelling fresh — but will never keep it clean. Think of this concept as putting a brand new air freshener in a dirty car. The same concept applies to your toilet!

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