What Phantom Flushing is and How to Stop It

October 4, 2019


Does your toilet flush at random times during the day and night? Despite what you may think, it’s not really a ghost. This is actually something that happens to some toilets over time. Not only is it a waste of water — but it can also show that there is something wrong with your sanitation facilities!

What it is:

The flushing is actually an internal problem, not a ghost pushing the lever whenever it feels like scaring you. Most likely, it is because the toilet’s tank is leaking. If the leaking is excessive, the toilet will automatically refill the water in the bowl, thus making it sound like your toilet is just flushing by itself.

Why it’s happening:

The underlying issue usually involves the toilet flapper that controls the water within the bowl. Over time, they can get old and start to fall apart. When this happens, it can no longer do its job properly! The flapper, which works as the toilet’s seal, becomes one of the leading causes of phantom flushes!

How to Test it:

In order to check if it is indeed your flapper causing the issues, you’ll simply need some food dye. Drop the food dye into the tank; just a little bit will do. Leave it alone for about an hour or so — and if the coloring has leaked into the bowl, your flapper is most likely leaking.

How to Resolve it:

Thankfully, the flapper is fairly easy to replace! Locate the chain that is connected to the flush handle; the flapper will be on the end of it. Remove it and keep it with you. You’ll need to bring it with you to the hardware store to get an exact replica for your type of toilet!

If you end up finding that it isn’t your toilet flapper, you may need to call the professionals!

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