How to Prepare for Fall

September 17, 2020


As summer turns into fall, your HVAC unit could probably use some maintenance. Your AC has been working hard for months, and your heating system should be ready to take over for the upcoming cold weather. Here are three tips for preparing your HVAC unit for fall:

1. Clean and protect your AC compressor.

When it's time to turn off your AC for the season, clear away any leaves, dirt, or other debris that has accumulated around the compressor. This will prevent animals from nesting in or around the unit, and it will keep debris away from the fan. There should be at least two feet of empty space surrounding the AC compressor.

2. Replace your air filters.

As you switch from cooling to heating your home, it's a great time to replace any old or dirty air filters in your furnace or AC. A dirty filter will prevent your home from heating efficiently, which can make your utility bill skyrocket. Most furnace filters need to be replaced every three months, so changing it with each new season can help you remember to stay up-to-date.

3. Add insulation.

Cold winter weather can cause your pipes to freeze, which leads to serious problems. Insulating the pipes will keep them in good working condition throughout the winter, and it can conserve energy by reducing the amount of heat the hot water pipes lose.

Foam pipe insulation is an easy way to protect your water pipes. It's especially important to add insulation to the pipes that go through unheated areas like garages, attics, or crawl spaces.

If you have questions about how to maximize your furnace’s efficiency this fall and winter, give the experts at Mitch Wright Plumbing, Heating & Air a call!



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