The Best Ways to Keep a Shower Clean

March 6, 2018


What’s one of the worst things to discover in your home? A filthy shower! From the shower curtain (or door) to the tile outside of the hygiene staple, there are a variety of ways that the shower in your home can become quite dingey. If you’re looking for the best way to clean this water wonder, then here are a few ways you can do it with ease!

Machine Wash Your Shower Curtain

If your shower doesn’t have a glass door, then chances are that your shower has a curtain (or so we’d hope so)! If this is the case, you should think of the curtain as your favorite t-shirt: it must be washed after some use. Of course, you don’t have to wash your curtain after every shower — but it’s important to wash it every month, to two months. This will not only keep it fresh but will also eliminate any chance of mold or mildew building up — which will then promote negative air quality in your home.

Cut Your Shower Liner

Believe it or not, sometimes a shower liner (the plastic curtain behind the fabric curtain) is too long — and then dangles in the water, which can create a bacterial build-up over time. If you’re looking to keep your shower liner just as fresh as your cleanly scrubbed tub, then it’s important to trim/hem your shower liner. Not only will this eliminate the liner from “bathing” in tub water, but it will also be much easier to maneuver when cleaning your shower and tub. To avoid any uneven lines, it’s best to cut the liner with some standard pinking shears (can be found at any craft/hardware store). This will not only create a wonderful pattern, but it will also keep your liner fresh over time!

Wipe Down the Walls

When you’re done showering, you’ll notice that the shower walls (and tub) are still wet. To eliminate any potential water streaks (and potential mold buildup), then you should buy a microfiber cloth and place it in your bathroom! Coming in a variety of sizes, a microfiber cloth is a perfect way to keep a shower/tub clean, simply by wiping away all excess water on the surface! When doing this, not only will you keep your shower/tub dry, but you’ll also prevent any water streaks from being visible before the next cleaning!

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