Don’t Ever Flush These Items Down the Toilet!

November 13, 2018


To flush or not to flush, that is the topic. Certainly, there’s always speculation of what should be disposed of in your toilet and what should be discarded in a nearby garbage can. If you’re still not sure what goes where, then here’s what to avoid:

Don't Flush These Items

  • Hair: Hair, whether human or pet, does not dissolve in your pipes. When hair gets trapped with other objects in the pipes, it will act as a web to snag other items creating a clogged pipe.
  • Cooking Grease: Absolutely no flushing of any cooking oil/grease down your toilet. Believe it or not, these cooking agents are too thick in consistency and will not dissolve. Additionally, the bulk of these necessities will not move easily through your pipes either. Therefore, if you need to dispose of these materials, then it's best to throw them out in the garbage.
  • Baby Items: Never flush diapers. They will clog your toilet immediately from the bulk of cotton absorbing the water.
  • Wipes: No matter how tissue soft a wipe advertises it is, it is not tissue. These items have a strong weave that will not break down and will stop other items from flowing freely through the pipes. These include baby wipes, cosmetic wipes, and cleaning wipes.
  • Toys: As much fun as your child had watching that car getting sucked into the whirlpool that is your toilet flow, you will not enjoy the resulting mess and cost. Teaching your child early that these items all get cleaned elsewhere will save you many headaches in the future.
  • Bleach: Yes, some cleaners have bleach in them, but it is diluted with other cleaners. Straight bleach, especially an ultra type, is far too harsh for your toilet. It will also disrupt the function of a septic system.

Contact The Professionals for Clogs

If you encounter a clog that your plunger does not readily handle, don’t turn to the internet. Some DIY solutions could harm your pipes. Always call the professionals. Contact us in the Southaven, MS area.

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