Do Bath Bombs Harm Your Plumbing?

October 15, 2019


In recent years, bath bombs have become a popular staple in many homes throughout the country. Soothing, fizzy, and fun, they provide an outlet for our stressful days. The little pieces and extras that bubble out of the bath bomb can be a fun little treat at first, but are actually quite a nightmare for drains. If you’re unsure how they might harm your plumbing exactly, here are some important things to know:

Obstructive Ingredients

The bath bombs that have flower petals and sparkles might cause extra stress on you after you empty the bathwater. The pieces can get lodged in the drainage, depending on the size and how often you use bath fizzers. Some salts within the bath bomb don’t always dissolve like they’re supposed to either. These can build up in your pipes, as well.

Bad News For Your Drain

Most bath bombs rely on a luscious scent to create a relaxing atmosphere. However, if you have bought a product that doesn’t use all-natural oils, you could be putting your drain at serious risk. Oils with strong scents are often the ones that harden over time within your drainage. This can lead to damaged walls and add to the clogging problem.

You Can Still Use Them, But...

There are still many simple solutions that’ll keep your drains in good shape! You can try placing the fizzer in a mesh bag before tossing it into the water. It’ll keep the more significant, more problematic bits in check. You can also invest in a drain guard if you prefer the flower petals to float freely. If you’re looking to clean those pesky oils out, think about scheduling a professional drain cleaning with your trusted plumber!

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