Chemical Cleaners are Hurting Your Home — and Here’s Why

October 30, 2018


When you clean your home, what do you tend to use to get the job done? For most, it’s a spray cleaner and a microfiber rag — but there is some danger behind those materials. As it turns out, if you use a chemical cleaner, then you’re destroying the quality of your home and anything that resides in it. Not sure how? We’re here to explain the situation at hand:

Emit Chemicals Airborne

Inside of each chemical cleaner resides a series of ingredients that aren’t ideal for inhaling nor spraying. From the bleach you’ve been using for years, to the common all-purpose cleaner for scrubbing the toilet, there’s a series of components that will begin to tarnish your indoor air quality over a series of time — and it’s not for the better.

Indeed, it’s essential to clean your house and clothing, but there are less invasive products that one can use that won’t suffice your air quality, such as green cleaning mixtures. Whether you decide to craft your own or purchase these products from the local grocery store, these cleaning agents will do the job at a phenomenal rate (minus the toxins).

Impact Respiratory System

Another downside of using a typical chemical cleaner? These cleaning products will negatively impact your respiratory system. As stated earlier, every time you spray one of these cleaning agents, the chemical particles will go airborne, tampering with your indoor air quality. Since you do breathe the air within your home, there’s a strong chance that you’re also inhaling a majority of these toxic fumes without even noticing it.

If you’re not able to purchase a green cleaner, then it’s important to make sure you properly ventilate your home when tidying up. Before you start cleaning, you’ll want to make sure that you open the windows in the room your cleaning. Not only will this decrease the toxins in the air, but it will help maintain your indoor air quality to its fullest potential.

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