Pet Owners, Do You Know These Important HVAC Tips?

Let’s face it: pets are truly a physical form of happiness! From cats to dogs, the possibilities are endless — but there is one downside of having an animal in your home: it can interfere with your indoor air quality. Remain calm, though — there are some simple solutions to help maintain great air quality, while keeping Fluffy and Fido comfortable (as well as your family, too)!

Replace Your Filters

When you’re the owner of a pet, it is possible that your animal could shed fur around your home quite frequently — and in clumps, too. Although you might clean these fur piles at the drop of a hat, there are some pieces that are completely out of your sight and control. Believe it or not, sometimes your animal’s fur can go airborne and will start to create buildup on the air vents in your home. These fur buildups will not only hinder your unit’s ability to function properly, but it will also be quite harmful to inhale. If you’re looking to eliminate the fur invading your respiratory system, then it’s important that you replace your filters often. Not only will this create cleaner air to breathe, but it will also preserve your unit since it won’t have to exert unnecessary energy to continue working. In addition to saving your unit, you (and your pets) will notice a difference in air quality within your home!

Dust Your Ceiling Fan

One of the most neglected objects in any space is a ceiling fan. Known to circulate the air to a comfortable temperature, this simple object is known to collect a surplus of dust and debris on the fan blades — which many ignore or don’t clean efficiently. Just like the filters on your HVAC unit, it’s important to clean the blades of a ceiling fan as often as possible. The reason it’s important is that animal fur and dander can get stuck to the blades and contribute to the declining air quality in your home. If you have a ceiling fan in your space, then there are some simple solutions to clean the blades efficiently. One of the best ways to clean the blades is to purchase an extendable microfiber duster that has a flat cleaning blade. This will make it simple to reach the blades on your fan, even if it’s positioned at a higher angle on your ceiling. Once you clean the blades, it’s important to vacuum the surrounding area to pick up any debris that may have fallen from the cleaning. After that’s complete, you’ll then be on your way to promoting positive air quality within your home!

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