How to Keep Cool on a Warm Autumn Day

October 11, 2018


Autumn is the perfect time to wear a light jacket, go pumpkin picking — and sweat? Sometimes, the breeziest season of the year can feel like the middle of summer, on the hottest day. Sure, it may be surprising, but it’s definitely simple to avoid the heat. Not sure how? Here are some great tips to know:

Keep your Ceiling Fan On

Looking to keep your home as comfortable as can be on a hot autumn day? If that’s the case, then leaving your ceiling fan on will be the best solution. Surely, you might feel inclined to turn it off — but your fan will not only help you keep cool, but it will help circulate the air in your home, turning the space into one of comfort.

Just like the summertime, you’ll want to keep your ceiling fan spinning in a counter-clockwise motion. This is the best solution to reap the benefits of the cool air throughout autumn — and any season, for that matter. Of course, when the temperature begins to drop as we head into winter, then it’s best to set your ceiling in a clockwise motion to help circulate the air and help maintain heat.

Utilize your Central Air Unit

Believe it or not, another great way to keep cool on a warm fall day is to continue to use your central air unit. Sure, you won’t need the air conditioner to run 24/7 as if it’s the middle of July — but when your home doesn't seem to cool down, then it’s best to crank it up.

Just like you would use your air unit in the summertime, it’s best to have it on energy saving mode. This will not only keep your home comfortable throughout the day, but it will also help save money on your electric bill at the end of the month.

Don’t Layer your Clothing

Just like you wouldn’t wear a wool sweater in August, you definitely don’t want to bundle up on a warm autumn day. By keeping your clothing layers light, you’ll instantly feel relaxed and comfortable all day long — especially if you plan to embark on a pumpkin picking trip at your local farm.

Additionally, by avoiding bundling your clothing, you’ll also be able to regulate your body temperature, which will alleviate any room for sweating and discomfort.

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