Why a Bath Mat is Important

April 26, 2018


One of the most important bathroom safety tips for any home is to purchase a bathmat. The mat itself (usually inexpensive) is the perfect way to prevent any slips and falls in your commode — but why exactly is it important to own one? Let us explain.

Prevent Slips and Falls

First and foremost, the biggest benefit of having a bath mat in your home is that it will prevent slips and falls. Granted, not every shower will be ultra slippery — but there’s always the possibility of that freak chance of a slip or fall happening. When you have a rubber bath mat in your shower, it will not only give your feet some grip when bathing, but it will also make you feel at ease knowing that you’re safe from any potential falls in the shower.

Keeps Dropped Items in Place

Ever drop a shampoo bottle in the shower — and then it slips and slides throughout the tub like a jet ski? When you purchase and install a bathmat, not only will this be the perfect way to keep yourself from falling, but any item that falls to the ground won’t travel far at all. Think of the rubber bath mat as a non-sticky fly trap that will keep everything safe and in place. It’s the perfect solution for any home!

Helpful When Exiting the Tub

Love to take baths, but hate getting out of the tub? Believe it or not, sometimes getting out of the bathtub can be more of a hassle — and quite dangerous in some situations. Most of the time, it’s a safety hazard since there are no grips to hold on to get up. When you install a rubber bath mat, you’ll be adding a base for your feet to grip onto — which will make getting out of the tub a little safer and simpler.

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