Should I Replace my Toilet?

August 26, 2019


Q: What’s one item in your home that you might not think to replace? A: Your toilet! Commonly believed to withstand the test of time, your toilet is an extremely important plumbing feature that should be given the most TLC. And while your current “throne” might seem as if it’s in good condition, you might want to think about upgrading it to a newer model — here’s why.

There are more efficient models on the market.

Nowadays, toilets have come a long way in terms of efficiency. On average, older models of toilets can use up to almost 4 gallons of water when flushed — and that’s a tad alarming.

However, if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint and save some water, it may be wise to look into an eco-friendly toilet. Just like a standard model, an eco-friendly model will provide an eco-flush option that uses a little less than 1.3 gallons of water in a single flush; a huge, notable difference!

A newer model can match a room perfectly.

Years ago, toilets came in a variety of ~wild~ colors, such as blue, pink, and green. While there’s nothing wrong if one of those vibrant toilets resides in your current bathroom, there are some newer models on the market that are a bit more subtle — and can match a room with the utmost ease.

Most homeowners opt to not replace their toilet when they make small cosmetic changes to their bathroom — which could stand out like a sore thumb. Again, while it’s up to your own personal preference and aesthetic, just know that there are newer toilets that can transform any lavatory with little effort possible! And if you’re thinking about putting your house on the market in the future, then a subtle, modern toilet can be a potential selling point; something to think about!

Are You Looking to Replace Your Toilet?

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