How Does Pollen Enter a Home?

March 18, 2019


Allergy season is upon us. And, for those of you that suffer from seasonal allergies, you know what that means. It's a battle between you and all of the pollen in the air. While you can't control the amount of pollen that dwindles around in nature, you can control how much of it gets into the air inside of your home. Here are some things to look out for:


If there are any spaces around your windows or doors where you can feel air coming through, pollen will able to get through as well. While older windows can be caulked, there are also several different kinds of weatherstripping that can be used on doors and windows that will block the flow of air. And, speaking of windows, always have screens in place to eliminate anything else from seeping into your home, too.

HVAC Filter

Every time you open the doors of your home, the outside air (along with the pollen), is welcoming itself inside of your home. Once inside, it will travel through your HVAC ducts — and your HVAC filter will catch most, if not all, of the pollen in the air (and that’s if the filter is in good condition). To eliminate a buildup of pollen, it's a good idea to have your filter changed out every couple of months.


If you have pets, most of them will have to go outside a few times a day. And, they will bring some of the outside back inside with them. Brushing and bathing them regularly (preferably outside), will keep a lot of those allergens out of your house, while protecting your pet’s fur in the long run.

Fireplace Flue

If you have a fireplace, you should always keep the damper closed when it's not in use. If it's open, the flue will allow the outside air to flow into your home, which will bring (you guessed it) bundles of pollen inside.

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