What Could Happen if I Put Off an A/C Repair?

May 1, 2019


When you happen to opt-in for regular air conditioner maintenance, this task will help protect your unit from any potential damages that could arise. However, most homeowners wonder how often they really need to get their A/C serviced. While the answer should be often, nine out of ten times, it actually happens rarely. To preserve your unit in the long run, and prevent any nightmares on your end, here’s why you shouldn’t put off that appointment any longer.

Putting Off Repairs Can Decrease a Unit’s Lifespan

If you suspect that your unit may need to be repaired, but you keep putting off scheduling a service call, chances are that the unit’s lifespan will gradually decrease. Although minor wear-and-tear might not seem like an issue at first, a loose or breaking part can cause extensive damage, and if not caught in time, it can start to weaken your system’s efficiency tremendously.

Your Manufacturer Warranty May Be Voided

Many A/C systems come with a manufacturer’s warranty that protects the system for a set period of time. Often, a part of this warranty agreement is having regular maintenance performed by a professional. If you fail to repair an A/C in need of servicing and the entire system breaks, the manufacturer may refuse to replace it, and you'll have no choice but to pay for an entirely new system out-of-pocket.

Annual A/C tune-ups and service calls provide you with the proof you need to demonstrate (to the manufacturer) that your A/C has been maintained. If it breaks before its warranty is up, you'll be protected.

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