Don't Attempt These DIY Plumbing Fixes!

October 29, 2019


Sometimes when homeowners run into a plumbing problem, they attempt to repair it on their own — no matter the severity. While there’s nothing wrong with trying your hand at the trade, one wrong move could worsen the issue you’re facing. Before attempting to take on a fix, here are some things to avoid:

The Don’ts of Plumbing

Making Repairs With the Water On

When you’re about to fix a leaking pipe or replace a prominent plumbing fixture, you should always make sure to turn off the water first. Sometimes, homeowners are a little too eager to get the task done and completely forget to turn off the shutoff valve. And you may have already guessed it, but if that step is completely overlooked, then this could result in severe water damage.

Clearing Drains With Chemicals

There’s a chance that with day-to-day usage, you’ll eventually have a clogged sink drain. And while this might seem like a minuscule problem, it can turn into a much larger problem down the line if you use a chemical drain cleaner. The problem with these store-bought cleaners is that they contain powerful, harsh chemicals that will corrode your plumbing over time — which could lead to a pipe burst.

Installing a Fixture With Missing Tools

Picture this: You’re ready to install a brand new faucet in your bathroom and couldn’t be more excited! However, the minute you take apart your old one and prepare to assemble the new one, you realize that you’re missing a tool or two — which means you’ll have to put off your installation.

When you’re looking to take on a fixture installation by yourself, it’s always essential to make sure that you have every tool in your possession. Whether that’s a water line extension or plumbing tape, it’s better to be over-prepared so that the entire operation goes smoothly (and leaves little room for assembly error).

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