What Can Happen When Homeowners Skip HVAC Maintenance?

April 14, 2020


Homeowners are encouraged to schedule cooling maintenance every spring and heating maintenance every autumn. Without maintenance, all ducted and ductless HVAC systems, even the most advanced products and reputable brands will develop problems, which can cause major problems. Follow these HVAC tips for homeowners to learn why HVAC maintenance is so important.

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Less Efficient Cooling

For a unit to heat or cool your home efficiently, there should first of all be no obstructions to airflow. According to ENERGYSTAR, obstructions to airflow can lower efficiency by up to 15%. They can be caused by:

  • Clogged air filters

  • Dirt on the evaporator coil

  • Bent fins on the coil

Leaks in the ductwork and ill-adjusted blower components can also prevent the conditioned air from going where it needs to. Another issue tied with lower efficiency is the lack of lubrication on fan motors. All of these problems can be avoided with maintenance, however.

More Wear on the System

The issues mentioned above strain the HVAC unit and cause it to work harder to reach the desired temperature. Lack of lubrication, dirty evaporator coils, and low refrigerant levels, in particular, can contribute to overheating, possibly shutting down your unit.

In any event, a worn system may never reach its full potential, forcing you to pay thousands of dollars for a replacement sooner than you wanted. Heat pumps last around 15 years, mini-splits around 20, and furnaces somewhere in-between.

Unclean Indoor Air

When HVAC units are neglected, they build up dirt and dust, which can impact the lives of asthma and allergy sufferers. With neglect, the condensate drain line may become clogged, attracting mold growth and paving the way for even worse suffering. Mold may also grow in the ducts if water seeps through a hole.



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