Style Options for a Bathroom Sink

January 24, 2020

When you're planning a bathroom renovation, a simple sink upgrade can transform your entire space. The type of model you choose will influence not only the aesthetic of your bathroom but also its functionality. From water-saving faucets to touch technology, there are a lot of options out there.

To make your next bathroom sink upgrade easier, we've put together a rundown of the top styles you need to know.

What Are My Options for a Bathroom Sink?

Drop-in Sink

Also called self-rimming sinks, these models are laid into a countertop. The rim can help prevent splashing, and these models are also the easiest to swap out because they don't alter the actual countertop in any way.

To upgrade these models, you can even replace the faucet and handles to achieve an updated look without replacing the entire sink.


These sinks dip into the countertop and are installed from underneath the surface. Most undermount sinks are paired with a granite or marble countertop. Undermount sinks require a cut in the countertop to fit the sink’s exact size, so you won't be able to replace your basin as easily if you decide to upgrade down the road.

However, they can help create a seamless design and provide a deeper basin that reduces splashing.

Vessel Sink

Popular in many contemporary bathroom designs, vessel sinks sit on top of a surface, so the entire basin is visible. As a result, the basin is often made from an eye-catching material like colored glass, stone, or ceramic.

Pedestal Sink

For a cozy, vintage feel, you may want to install a pedestal sink. These sinks are held up by a small column, so there's no need for a bulky counter to hold them. Sure, you will lose some storage space when you install one, but you also free up room that a countertop would take up. Alternate storage solutions (like over-toilet and wall shelves) can easily make up for the lack of cabinetry.

Wall-Hung and Vanity Sinks

Wall-hung sinks are an even better option for small bathrooms as they completely free up the floor beneath them. The plumbing and drain line are exposed, but you may decide to paint them or purchase pipes with an aesthetically pleasing finish. You also have the option to install built-in towel racks for optimized storage.

Choosing the “Wright” Sink

Once you've decided on a style, there are still many other factors to consider, such as the overall size, faucet design, and sink material. A plumber can help you determine which sink will be perfect for your space and how you can choose a sink that meets your needs and helps you save money on water consumption.

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