Small Bathroom Storage: 101

Your bathroom might not be the biggest area in your home, but it's definitely one of the most important! In fact, bathroom clutter is a common occurrence among homeowners with small spaces. To keep your bathroom clean and organized, here are a few storage solutions to optimize limited space.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Under-Counter Bins or Baskets

The self under your bathroom sink can easily become chaotic. From rolls of toilet paper to makeup and shower products, you may find yourself having to root through a mess just to find your hairbrush. Get organized by purchasing some small bins or baskets. Line them up on the shelves, then sort your belongings into them based on their type.

An added bonus is that the baskets can be easily removed so that you can clean up and switch them out at any time.

Hang Wall Shelves

A big problem with small spaces is the lack of room to organize things properly. By hanging shelves on the walls, you free up space on the floor. Use shelves to stack towels, hold cosmetics, and store bath and shower products.

Add a Shower Caddy

Simple caddies that hang off your shower head can move a lot of items off of the counter and out of the cabinet. You can also purchase a corner caddy that can fit comfortably in any narrow out-of-shower space to house toilet paper, towels, and toiletries.

Get Over-the-Toilet Storage

Small bathrooms benefit from building up, not spreading out. A fantastic way to take full advantage of your space is to use a shelf or rack that goes over your toilet. You can store towels and toiletries for easy access without cluttering your cabinet or taking up space on the bathroom sink.

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