Why You Need a Water Softener?

July 22, 2020


The average person uses almost 100 gallons of water per day for drinking, cooking, and washing. Water is a vital resource, so it's important that your home's water quality is acceptable. If you have a hard water problem, you may benefit from installing a water softener.

Problems With Hard Water

Hard water is water with a high concentration of calcium or magnesium. While hard water isn't dangerous to drink, it can cause problems and inconveniences around your home.

The biggest issue with hard water is that the minerals can build up inside the pipes over time, reducing the flow of water. Eventually, this can lead to clogs or damage that requires professional repair. Hard water can cause rust to build upon and around sink faucets and showerheads, too.

The other problem with hard water is that it doesn't react as well with soap and detergent. The soap combines with the minerals and forms a sticky curd, which can leave an uncomfortable residue on your skin, clothes, or dishes. Sometimes, detergents are ineffective with hard water because their ingredients become inactivated by the minerals in the water.

How Water Softeners Help

Hard water is not ideal for any home. Fortunately, water softeners can do wonders for the quality of your water. Treating your home with a water softener prevents minerals from building up in the pipes, lengthens your appliances' lifespan, and reduces the soapy residue on your clothes or dishes.

Home water softeners contain a tank full of small resin beads with electrically-charged ions. These beads trap the calcium and magnesium as the hard water flowers through the tank. Then, the system replaces the calcium and magnesium with sodium ions.

If you've noticed rust around your faucet, stains on your sinks or bathtubs, or soapy residue on your skin after showering, your home probably needs a water softener. Hard water can cause a number of problems in your house, and a water softener is an easy and effective solution.

If you are having trouble with hard water, just fill out our form online or call us at (901) 795-9044 to schedule an appointment. Our pros are trained in cleanliness and will exercise the utmost care and caution while assisting you.



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