2 Quick Ways to Tell If Your Heat Pump is Broken

November 7, 2017


Let’s face it: a heat pump is a life-changing device. In addition to keeping your home comfortable throughout the year, it’s also a money saving device for those trying to heat/cool their home on a budget! Although this energy-saving unit is quite the necessity for some homeowners, there is the possibility that it can break over time. If you’re not sure how to decipher if your unit is broken, then here are two of the most common signs to look for:

Way 1: Inconsistent Temperature

One of the simplest ways to tell if your heat pump is broken is when the temperature remains inconsistent within your home. For example, it’s a chilly autumn day and you’d like to heat your home. Before the desired indoor climate is reached, you must first raise the temperature of your heat pump thermostat. After about fifteen-to-twenty minutes, your home still feels drafty and cold. This clearly signifies that your heat pump is indefinitely broken and that you should have it repaired, or replaced, instantly — since a broken heat pump can use a surplus of unnecessary energy, and will ultimately raise your energy bill.

Way 2: Higher Energy Bill

Just like a clogged pipe raising your water bill, a broken heat pump will raise your energy bill — and will indefinitely double it! When your device isn’t functioning properly, it will take more energy for the unit to produce hot/cold air when desired — becoming a burden in your home (and to your wallet). However, if you notice that your energy bill begins to drift back into a normal range the following month, then it’s possible you just used more heat/air the month before. If you can’t decide if your unit is broken, then it’s important that you contact a licensed repairman to investigate the potential problem at hand.

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