3 Ways Why a Clogged Air Filter Makes Your A/C Less Efficient

September 19, 2017


Picture this: it’s a warm day that lacks a cool breeze. Before opening the windows in your home, you decide to turn on your A/C unit to break up the humidity. After the unit runs for about 10 minutes, you realize that there hasn’t been a significant temperature change. No, your A/C unit isn’t broken — it’s a clogged filter. Here are three reasons why you should clean/replace your filter regularly:

Way 1: Won’t Cool Properly

When an A/C unit’s filter is clogged, it will ultimately make the unit function inadequately. When dust and debris are clogging the air vents within the filter, it makes it much more difficult for the unit to push bursts of cold air through. Think of a filter clog as trying to let water seep through a sealed plastic bag. When there’s a clog, it’s impossible for the unit to function properly.

Way 2: Will Spread Dust and Debris

A clogged air filter will not only produce less air but will also blow around airborne debris. When dirt and dust build up in the filter, the unit will have a greater chance of spreading these bad elements through the air and into your lungs. If you’re allergic to dust or have asthma, then a clogged filter will be an absolute villain in your home.

Way 3: Will Increase Your Energy Bill

Just like a vehicle taking a trip across a desert, when an AC unit can’t emit cold air freely, it will start to work overtime — ultimately raising your energy bill. When the filter is clogged, it will take much more effort to find ways for your unit to control your climate’s temperature, and ultimately send bursts of cool air. If you’re concerned about a rising energy bill, then it’s important you clean/replace your A/C unit filters regularly.

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