Ways to Prepare your Home for Autumn

September 20, 2018


When the summer sun begins to set earlier than usual, that only means one thing: autumn is on the way! Known to be the most festive of seasons, there are a variety of fall-related things to do, such as pumpkin picking and picking out Halloween costumes — but what about preparing your home for autumn? Here are a few great ways to prep your house:

Tune-up the Furnace

One of the best ways to prepare your home for autumn is to tune-up your furnace. Granted, you might not need to turn the heat on towards the beginning of the season — but once the first chilly night arrives, you’ll want to make sure your unit works.

When you schedule a furnace tune-up with Mitch Wright Plumbing, Heating & Air, not only will we inspect the unit from head to toe, but we’ll make sure that every piece is working up to par and not left in the dust. This will not only make you feel more comfortable, knowing that your furnace works perfectly, but a tune-up will also make your unit work more efficiently, too.

Wash your Gutters

Before the first autumn leaf begins to dwindle down from the trees, it’s essential to clean your gutters — but always make sure you have supervision nearby if you want to handle this yourself. Nine out of ten times, the gutters on your home need a thorough scrub before the autumn rains kick in — thanks to the summer storms.

If you happen to neglect your gutters, leaves and debris can build-up — which will cause the gutter not to drain properly. Additionally, a heavy gutter can break and cause damage to your home when you least expect it. If you’re willing to go the extra step, then you can always have gutter guards installed — which will block out any debris from settling in the gutter canals and will ultimately keep your gutters clean!

Change Air Filters

Another perfect way to prepare for autumn is to replace your air filters. Sure, you might not use your central air as frequently (as if it were the summertime) — but it can interfere with your central heating if ignored. When it comes to air filters, think of them as coffee filters for your air quality. Not only will this keep the air clean and fresh, but it will also keep your home comfortable and your air quality stable.

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