Do You Know These Dishwasher Hacks?

January 24, 2020

Your dishwasher might seem like a pretty straight forward appliance, but it's actually capable of doing some pretty amazing things! Dishwasher hacks are a great way to simplify life and get the most out of one of your home's best amenities. With today's energy-efficient dishwasher models, you can take full advantage of these hacks without worrying about wasting too much water.

Read on to discover a few interesting dishwasher hacks you can try today!

Dishwasher Hacks 101

Clean Toys

Babies need their toys washed regularly, but running them under the faucet day after day can quickly become time-consuming. Rather than letting them all pile-up, just toss them into the dishwasher and run them on a gentle wash with an air dry.

Furthermore, an organic washing detergent will work just fine — just make sure that you don't throw in any toys that could melt or require batteries. And, of course, the same goes for your dog’s (“fur baby”) toys that need disinfecting, too!

Clean Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes need to be cleaned quite often to avoid spreading bacteria on your skin, but it's a chore that tends to fall to the wayside. Your dishwasher can help you easily rinse and sanitize your makeup brushes; just place them in the silverware holders and run the appliance on a gentle cycle with a non-toxic, organic washing solution. Just keep in mind that regular detergent would be too harsh and could irritate your skin when you use each brush.

Clean Garden Tools

Keep your trowels and hand-held gardening tools shining like new by washing them in your dishwasher. The high-powered rinse can do wonders for tools that have dried, caked mud and dirt. Just avoid placing your wooden-handled tools inside as the heat can cause it to warp. Also, make sure to give any lingering, loose dirt a rinse outside in the garden before putting your tools in the dishwasher.

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