Is My Home Losing Heat?

November 20, 2020


Does your home never seem to feel warm enough even though the heat is cranked all the way? There are a few reasons this could be happening in your home, one of which is poor insulation and heat loss. All homes suffer from some degree of heat loss because there is unfortunately no way to trap the heat in your home completely. However, you can limit some of this loss by understanding where it’s coming from.

Attic and Roof

On average, the attic and roof of your home are responsible for about 25% of heat loss. In the attic, there are a few places where heat may be escaping. If your attic is not insulated, you may be losing heat through holes in the walls and the ceiling. If you have ductwork or pipes in the attic, it is likely that heat is escaping around these areas as well. The attic floor between a room of the home and the attic may also be a hot spot for escaped heat. Even if you are okay with your attic being cold, your living areas can drop in temperature if the ceiling below the attic is not well insulated.

Windows and Doors

The windows and doors of your home are responsible for another 10% of heat loss. There are a few ways they can lose heat. One is through the openings around their edges. This loss is inevitable, but there are a few ways you can minimize it. First, use caulking or weatherstripping around the seams of the door and window casings. Next, try weatherstripping if you did not find success with caulking.

Make sure your home’s heating isn’t for nothing. Improving the insulation in your home will also have long term benefits for your heating system since it won’t have to work as hard to keep your home comfortable.


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