3 Things About Portable Heaters Everyone Should Know

October 25, 2017


Have you noticed the recent change in temperature? Yes, there may still be some warm days — but autumn is definitely here and is making its presence know (hello, cold wind). Have a room in your home that is a little draftier than the others? Instead of using your home heating system, save some money and invest in a portable heater! Before you purchase this device, here’s what you need to know:

Don’t Use an Extension Cord

When you purchase a portable heater, you cannot use an extension cord to extend the range of the device. When the cords are designed, they’re created with a heat resistant barrier — since the cord will begin to heat up with the device. If you use an extension cord, not only is it not protected by this flame barrier, but it could start a fire in your home.

Clean Old Portable Heaters

Have a portable heater that you’ve left in storage for quite some time? Before using the device, it’s pertinent to clean it thoroughly, searching around every corner and crevice. Not only will this guarantee a safer usage, but it will also eliminate any possible dangers of debris catching fire. In addition: if you notice any flaws in the design (such as the cord), then toss the device away immediately — since that will be a potential safety hazard.

Keep Away From Flammable Objects

In addition to making sure that your device works properly, it’s important to keep it away from any objects that are flammable. For example: if you’re using a portable heater in your bedroom, keep the device far away from your bed — since there’s a chance your sheets could catch fire. Also: keep your portable heater off of any rugs or carpeting, since that will also be a definite safety hazard.

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