Why it’s Important to Change your Air Filters

August 1, 2018


Fact: your central air filters might need to be changed more frequently than you think. Just like a dirty set of window blinds, your air filter is usually the most neglected detail in your home each year. Of course, you should replace your filter approximately every 60 days — but here are some reasons why it’s essential to do so:

Spreads Airborne Debris

When you use an old air filter past its expiration date, it will begin to spread airborne debris throughout your home. Of course, you might not be able to see it all at once — but most of the matter is invisible to the human eye. When the debris continues to spread, it can cause your indoor allergies to go haywire — and negatively impact your breathing, too.

Since an air filter should be switched out approximately every 60 days, this will not only help keep your lungs free from the harmful debris, but it will make the air in your home much more pleasant to breathe. You will notice a difference once the new air filter is in place!

Requires More Energy

Still using an air filter from a few months ago? Of course, you might think that your air conditioner is working efficiently — but it’s using more power than you need to use. This not only causes your unit to work twice as hard, but it raises your energy bill to new, astronomical heights.

When an air filter is caked in dirt and debris, the unit will then have to work twice as hard to push through the blockage. Sure, your central air will still work — but it’s going to take twice as long to cool a room then it would with a clean filter. Once you replace the filter, you’ll notice the vast difference and how much more effective it will work!

Can Damage your Unit

One of the worst events that could happen to your central air is the unit breaking down. Of course, your air conditioner might be in excellent condition, regarding repairs and maintenance checks — but continuously using a dirty air unit will put a strain on the system, which can make it break down much more efficiently.

This, of course, isn’t something any homeowner looks forward to, but it can be easily corrected if your filters are frequently replaced — rather than yearly. You’ll thank yourself in the long run when your unit is functioning correctly and you won’t need a replacement!

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