Why is my Toilet Noisy?

January 29, 2018


Sometimes when you flush your toilet in the middle of the night, it might make some rather loud noises. From gurgling to echoes of water dripping, your toilet may sound reminiscent of a horror film. Although these sounds might not be permanent, they are rather annoying — especially when trying to find the source of the problem. If you’re not sure as to why your toilet is noisy, then are some common reasons why your throne is very vocal:

Your Toilet’s Valves are Leaking

One of the most common reasons that a toilet is creating so much noise is because the valves are leaking. When it comes to the valve on your toilet, it’s the essential piece that will let water flow through your unit — ultimately making the throne work (because it wouldn’t function without water). If your valve begins to loosen, it will then leave some room for error and will ultimately begin to waste water. This will not only increase your water bill each month to astronomical heights, but it will also make your toilet create sounds that are louder than usual between usages. Additionally, there is also a possibility that your throne could make these loud noises when it’s not in use. If your toilet is quite loud, then it’s important to check the valve for any leakage — since this will not only save water, but it will also put an end to the loud noises, too.

Buildup In Plumbing Pipes

Just like a clogged HVAC unit, when your plumbing pipes have substances built up within, they will stop working efficiently and will lead to some unpredicted problems. One of the most common types of buildup within your pipes is calcium. Unlike a standard drain clog, calcium can wreak havoc on your plumbing by slowing down the flow of water in your home — which will cause the usage of more water and will ultimately raise your water bill. In addition to using more water, your unit toilet will start to make some rather strange noises regardless if it’s in use. If this is the case, then it’s important to take action before the calcium buildup worsens. One of the best ways to handle this is to call Mitch Wright immediately and have one of our certified plumbers take on the task at hand. This will be the quickest, safest solution that will leave your pipes sparkling clean (and clog-free) in no time!

At Mitch Wright Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, we only have plumbers that are licensed and insured, offer competitive pricing and will leave your house as clean as we found it! Whether you need a complete plumbing gut or just want to schedule routine maintenance, we’re the Wright prescription for comfort.



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